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Koopo is a growing online marketplace connector, driving community trends in fashion, beauty, home decor, tech, small business and lifestyle! Shop at the market, sell your goods or services, post events, list jobs, create content and access a variety of other free digital marketing features including exclusive white papers, market reports, media specials, articles and videos. 

Find Koopo on the corner at the main intersection, across the street from Google, Medium, Facebook and Amazon.

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The Koopo community offers tools that you need to conduct business including more everyday.

Do you already have a website?  You should!  Tap into our network and expand your market reach:

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Koopo is creating a superior way to do business that will benefit how we all live, work and connect. Some of the ways that we are doing this is by using our distribution network to support the community,
small businesses,
local tourism and other
positive up-building activities. We have been actively building since 2017.

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We are driven to do what it can to help improve socially responsible values in business and the community.  Although not a requirement on the platform, we desire to create a stronger market for:
1. Cruelty-free product development;
2. Use of re-purposed materials and recycled goods;
3. Environmentally conscious manufacturing;
4. People centric technological practices

Create and promote events, market products, list jobs, book appointments, produce and share content, map your brick and mortar location(s) while building your local community.


Apparel, Accessories, Home Decor, Electronics, etc.

Brick & Mortar Retailers: 

Restaurants, Jewelry Stores, Flower Shoppes, etc.

Content Creators & Artists: 

Vloggers, Bloggers, Podcasts, Musicians, Photographers, etc.

Urban Development:  

Community Organizations & Municipalities

Service Providers: 

Salons, Home Repair, Landscaping, Automotive, etc.

Online & Print Directories


Concert, Theaters & Other Venues


Attractions, Hotels/Accommodations & other Travel Related Services

Marketplaces & Farmer Markets

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Building the community, identifying trends, creating opportunities by connecting digital content online!

Share Vlogs, Blogs, Articles, Podcasts, Press Releases, White Papers,
Market Reports, Music, Audiobooks,
DIY Videos, Webinars, Scientific Journals, Workshops, Industry News, Style, Health & Beauty, Home and Lifestyle.

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Content Creators

Content creation is a large part of many individual and company marketing models.  Knowledge is power and the ability to easily create and share valuable content is integral to getting your message across clearly to your audience.  At “Influencers Square” we have built relationships as a publisher with top distribution outlets on the web. Your content is automatically distributed and easily shareable. 

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Our team of professionals are focused on empowering people and creating economic opportunities. Partner with us to help build a better community for our shared tomorrow.