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Get Started On Koopo
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Getting Started On Koopo

Signup & Register

The Koopo is free to use for everyone including individuals, business owners and content creators.  For more expanded features, check out the paid add-ons (This can be updated at any time from the dashboard).

How To Set Up Your Account

  1. Complete The Account Registration form
  2. Access the dashboard and set up your profile settings

Once you have finished start creating, sharing and promoting with the community right away!


The Dashboard

From the dashboard you can access all of your features.  Are you a content creator?  Share your work!  Do you visit Koopo for inspiration?  Do you own a restaurant?  List your location so that the Koopo community can find you!

The dashboard is a great resource to keep track of orders, earnings, reviews and inventory.  


Creating/viewing/editing your store


Transactions, sales, order status, customer tracking


Create coupons for your loyal customers


View reports and keep track of sales and progress


Manage and review your products/store reviews/comments


Manage your access


Account management, booking events, listing jobs and much more!


Each account has its own “Support Management System” to track customer support tickets 


Shop & Share

Setting up your store is easy!  Here are a few key points to get started right away.


Build On Koopo

Optimize Your Page:

  • Add a store banner image (This will be a large display on your store page)
  • Add profile picture (Logo, etc.)
  • Store Name
  • Set number products displayed per page on store page
  • Set address/phone info
  • Display email address option
  • Enable “More products” tab on product view (this will show customers more of your store products when customers view any one of your products) 
  • Enable additional page tabs on your store to display custom terms and conditions/policies
  • Enable additional page tab “About Us”  to display custom details about your business
  • Enable store support (adds a support contact form to your store page for customers to contact you direct should they have any concerns or complaints)

Payment Settings

Koopo currently uses the Stripe payment gateway with the more options coming soon.  Contact us directly at for more information or to pitch your payment options for integration on Koopo

If you don’t already have a Stripe account, sign-up on their site and connect your account by clicking the “Connect with Stripe” button.  Once you have logged in and/or created your account you can connect your account to Koopo 

Shipping/Expedited Shipping

These settings control your store-wide shipping costs, and shipping/refund policies

You can enable/disable shipping for your products. Also you can override these shipping costs while creating or editing a product

  • Default Shipping Price: If you do not want to add the shipping price each time you create a product, then this feature comes really handy. This is will be the minimum price or base shipping price. And it will be used as a reference to calculate the shipping price

  • Shipping Policy: Personalize your shipping guidelines 
  • Refund Policy: Include instructions here about how to get a refund for your products
  • Ship To: In this field, you will add the location(s) you want to ship to.  Select the country first and the regional drop menu will give you more selections
  • Cost: This cost will be added to the default shipping price for the particular country you select. Leave this empty if you don’t want to add extra cost to location
  • Add Location: By clicking this button, you can add more countries and locations. **By adding specific locations it will limit where your products can be shipped**

Social Profile

Link your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, etc.) to your Koopo Profile

SEO (Search Engine Marketing)

Be sure to properly add tags to any post type that you create on Koopo to optimize your SEO reach.  Koopo reviews every post and will do what it can to help make sure that your business, content, products and events show up in relevant search results.  Inquire about hiring us to help you manage your Koopo store

Brick & Mortars

Reviews, Brick & Mortar Location(s), Job Listings, Management Tools, Appointments, Messaging, Products, Content, Press Releases, Media Appearances, Podcasts, Events, Vlogs, Blogs and more!


Content Creators

You work hard create great content and we want to make it easy for you to share!  

Whether you are a small business who shares regular content to showcase your product expertise or you are a expert seeking to expand your brand, is the place for you!  Promote existing content, produce new works and share it all from one place!  

Sharing Content On Koopo

  1. Using Content To Build Your Business

  2. What Type Of Content Should I Share On Koopo?

  3. Basic Post Requirements
  4. Koopo Guide Section


Helpful Practices

How you engage in business goes a long way towards satisfying your customer and getting great Feedback.  Here are a few thoughtful tips to keep your business going strong!

  • Communicate:  Providing your customer with status updates is very important.   This is a small and easy thing to do and can go a long way to build trust in your brands ability to deliver its promises.  On Koopo stay in contact through the  “Order Status” feature and utilize private messaging to speak directly to your clients.  
  • Receive Payment: Before you ship item(s) make sure that the buyer has paid you, the payment has been accepted and is credited to your account.  Payment processing can be viewed under “Order Notes”.
  • Ship On Time:  Pack your item as securely/safely as possible.  Triple check the shipment information to make sure it is correct and include any return address(s) and pre-paid labels.
  • Track & Update Packages: Stay in the loop throughout the process and make sure that deliveries are on time.
  • Follow-Up:  Ask for reviews, feedback and social media sharing on their purchases and experiences with your company.