Koopo FAQ

Koopo Guide Section

Getting Paid

Sellers are paid as soon as a transaction is made on Koopo. The money from the sale will be deposited into the account you connected to your profile at registration. At this time, Koopo currently uses Paypal and Stripe as the main platform payment gateways (more options coming soon!) Make sure to set up your PayPal and Stripe accounts prior to selling on Koopo. For more information see the Koopo Guide Section.

Registering On Koopo

Registering on Koopo is fast and easy!  To get started go to the Koopo homepage and click “Sign-Up” at the top of the screen or click login. Whether you are on Koopo to search content and shop or you have a business profile and sell products, access all of the platform features from your main dashboard.


Coupons and discounts are allowed on Koopo. All stores have the ability to access this feature.  Offers can be customized and there is no limit on how many you can offer.  See your dashboard for more information.

Requesting A Refund

Go to seller store page and use the “Store Support” section and click the contact/support button and create a new ticket and request a refund.  This will send a support ticket to the seller to begin processing your refund.

Customers should also use this support system for assistance from the sellers  if needed.

Refunding My Customers
Sellers will receive requests for refunds through the Kopoo Seller Support system.  Each seller has a support center in their seller dashboard for communications with their customers.  You may respond to any requests and/or disputes using this system.

If a seller decides to issue a refund the seller must open the order and use the Request Refund feature.  Here the seller will enter the specific amounts to be refunded.  After the request has been made the seller must manually issue the refunds either through their PayPal or Stripe accounts.  When sellers issue refunds please keep in mind PayPal’s and Stripe’s policies for reimbursement for transaction fees.
Who Can Sell On Koopo?

Anyone 18 years or older can apply to open a store on Koopo.  However, not everything can be sold on Koopo Online. See Prohibited Items Policy.   Koopo Online reserves the right to reject any seller at our discretion based on terms.  But, in most cases sellers are approved instantly.  Koopo does reserve the right to remove any seller from the site that violates the terms of use agreement.  Please review Koopo’s Policies for more details.

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