Photo Requirements

Koopo Online Policies

photo requirements

Great photos can help you sell more. Product photos are a vital part of selling on KoopoOnline and help boost your chances of selling. To maximize your visual appeal, include multiple item photos as often as possible. You are limited to 5 photos per product.


  • All products sold on Koopo Online must have at least one photograph .
  • Each image must be of the product itself; it can’t be a graphical representation (ex: an illustration or icon) of the product.
  • All photos must meet a certain standard.  KoopoOnline reserves the right to alter/change/replace product photos and/or remove listing until photos meets our standards.

Product Photo Tips/Recommendations:

  • Use a plain empty white backdrop;
  • Use a tripod;
  • Capture high resolution photos (1024 x 1024 or higher);
  • Fill the frame with the product;
  • Capture multiple angles, details and blemishes;
  • Show the scale;
  • Avoid tinting;
  • Close-up detailed shots are great;
  • Avoid additional items such as props that are not included with the purchase;
  • Capture product in real life situations
  • Enabling zoom/enlarge feature.
  • For Fashion:
    • Show how your clothing fits on a person rather than a hanger;
    • Never hide wear/tear, disclose any blemishes;
    • Display multiple angles;
    • Include accurate sizes in description.
  • Do not use borders on your photos.
  • Do not use flash and rely on diffused/natural lighting;
  • Do not use offensive content (i.e, nudity, explicit language, violence)
  • Do not use images with watermarks;
  • Do not use images with advertising or promotional material;
  • Do not over edit/retouch photos;
  • Do not use photos that make it unclear what is being sold;
  • Do not use photos that you are not allowed or do not have permission to use.