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Seller/Store Support System


Each seller/store has it’s built-in customer support feature.  This feature allows customers to interface directly with seller when there is a dispute or additional assistance needed.  We will discuss the following:


  1. How it works?
  2. Managing customer support tickets.
  3. Dealing with refund requests.

How It Works


  • Customers  access  “Seller Support”  from sellers store page by pushing the “Get Support” button.
  • Next, customer will complete the support request form by entering a subject, message, and selecting reference order(optional).
  • Customer submits request and seller is notified via email of new support ticket.  Customers can view their support tickets from their Account Dashboard.  Sellers can  view support tickets from Seller Dashboard.



Managing Customer Support Tickets

Sellers can view customer support tickets via Seller Dashboard – “Support” tab. Here, all customer support requests are listed showing subject/customer/status/date.

To see more details, click on the support ticket number to open the support ticket. Here, seller can read message and reply to customers.

Once seller has resolved customers’ issue, sellers can close the support tickets.



Dealing with refund requests

For accounting purposes, prior to processing any refunds , sellers must submit refund requests through orders management interface as shown below.

If a customer requests a refund , sellers will have to manually refund customer through PayPal or Stripe.

If seller cannot resolve dispute with customer, Koopo Online may intervene. For more information please see Koopo Online Money Back Guarantee Policy.

FireShot Capture 12 - Dashboard – Koopo Online_ - https___koopoonline.com_dashboard_orders_
FireShot Capture 6 - Dashboard – Koopo Online_ - https___koopoonline.com_dashboard_orders_