Seller Shipping Setup


Setting up your store’s shipping is easy.

Setting up shipping can be simple but can also be very complex depending on your business model and practices.  We will go through the following:

  1. How to Setup Flat Rate Shipping
  2. Understanding Zone/Regional Shipping Options
  3. Additional Shipping  Settings
    • Free Shipping
    • Local Pickup
    • Shipping Classes

To set up seller shipping you must go to seller dashboard and select settings tab and then select shipping tab.  These settings control your store-wide shipping costs.

Shipping Zones:

The zones are geographic regions where a certain set of shipping methods are offered.  The zones are preset by Koopo Online.  Koopo Online stores can set their shipping methods in each region.   If a store does not enable shipping methods in a region then customers in those regions will not be able to purchase those products since shipping is not available.

Shipping Methods:

Sellers can add unlimited shipping methods to each zone.  To enable shipping in a zone just click on Add Shipping Method.

  • Flat Rate – Stores can set multiple flat rate shipping methods (i.e., regular shipping, expedited shipping, 2 day shipping, insured shipping, etc.).
  • Free Shipping –  Stores can offer/enable free shipping based on how much a customer spends.
  • Local Pickup – Stores can enable an option to allow customers to pickup products locally.

How to Set Up Flat Rate Shipping

Setup your flat rate shipping by going to shipping settings in seller dashboard.  Click on the Zone name of click Add Shipping Method.  Select Flat Rate and configure.

Stores can create multiple flat rate shipping methods for different purposes.  For example,  standard shipping and fast shipping are both flat rate shipping methods with different prices set.



Once you create the flat rate shipping method, click edit to configure.  Here you can set title, cost, tax status, description and shipping class cost (more details below).When setting cost pay close attention to the highlighted text below the field:


Enter shipping cost without tax. Example: 5 * [qty] . This sets shipping to $5 per product. To set per product shipping cost use [qty] (quantity). Use [cost] for the total cost of the product. Use [fee percent='10' min_fee='20' max_fee='30'] for percentage based fees.”


These instructions explain how a store can fully control the shipping cost based on certain conditions using  equations.


  • [qty]  –  represents the number of products ordered by a customer from your store.
  • [cost]  –  represents the total cost of the order.
  • [fee percent='10' min_fee='20' max_fee='30']  –  is used to set cost using a percentage of total order cost.

Here are a few examples of how these can be used:


  • 5*[qty]  –  sets the cost for $5 for every product a customer orders.
  • 6+2*[qty]  –  sets the cost at $6 and adds $2 for every additional product ordered.
  • [fee percent = ’10’ min_fee=’5′ max_fee=’20’]  –  This will set shipping cost to 10% of the total order not less than $5 and not more than $20.  This one is pretty complex but very effective for adding shipping cost based on the  dollar amount of order.
  • [cost]*0.10  –  This will set the cost to 10% of the total order.  A more simple version of the above percent based example.

Important! Do not forget to use [qty].  Otherwise  your customers will only be charged the flat rate cost once no matter how many products they order.  


Check out this how-to video as it goes through the whole process of setting up flat rate shipping:

Understanding Global Shipping

International/Global Shipping


Our stores  have the freedom to choose what countries, states, and regions their products will be available in.  These settings can be set in the seller dashboard under shipping settings.


Currently Koopo Online has the following Regions enabled for shipping:


  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Saudi Arabia
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Japan
  • China
  • Russia
  • Australia


Stores can enable shipping in any the zones above by adding a shipping method to the zones.


When shipping products to other countries, please be sure that you are familiar with the international customs, duty and shipping restrictions.  Your existing shipment provider can provide assistance.  Choose a reliable third-party service.  When shipping to other countries sellers must be mindful that some products are prohibited from being imported.  It is the seller’s responsibility to know what is and is not prohibited.  Koopo Online  will not be responsible for any fees, fines, or loss of products, profits and/or materials.

Additional Shipping Settings

Free Shipping

Free shipping method allow sellers to offer free shipping based on amount spent by customers.




Local Pickup

Local pickup shipping method, if enabled will allow customers to bypass shipping products and pickup products locally.  Stores may charge a handling fee or for free.


Shipping Class

Shipping classes are a way for stores to set additional shipping cost conditionally.  Currently, there are 3 shipping classes; Small Sized Packages, Medium Sized Packages and Large Sized Packages.  Stores can add a shipping class to each product based on its size.    More details below.