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In situations where a buyer has reported not receiving an item or the item doesn’t match the description in the listing, and the buyer was unable to resolve the issue directly with the seller, we may step in and review the situation. If we decide in favor of the buyer, we may refund the buyer directly and seek reimbursement from the seller.

If we refund a buyer directly, we seek reimbursement from the seller by charging seller’s payment method. Reimbursement includes the cost of the item plus the original cost of shipping.

Reimbursement Payment Methods

  • Currently, Koopo Online only process reimbursement charges through Stripe payment gateway.

    When you create a seller account, and purchase a subscription for access, your card information is retained on Stripe’s secure servers for any future seller fees and/or reimbursement charges. You can request to change your reimbursement payment method by going to the Seller Dashboard > Seller Help and submitting a request. This payment method will be used for all current and future cases.

Reimbursement Timelines

  • If we refund a buyer directly, we seek reimbursement from you within 24 hours. If we refunded the buyer for multiple transactions, we seek reimbursement for the total amount. In this instance, your payment method shows separate line items for each transaction requiring reimbursement. We either remove the refund amount from your account, place the amount on your seller invoice or charge your payment method on file.

    If you make a one-time reimbursement, the funds are withdrawn when you make the payment.

Notifications of Reimbursements

If we refund a buyer directly, we send you an email. We also follow up if we processed reimbursement from you, if you need to add a reimbursement payment method, or if there was a problem charging your reimbursement payment method.


What Happens If you Don’t Reimburse Us?

 If you don’t reimburse us, we may suspend your account, and you won’t be able to sell on Koopo Online. To remove an account suspension, simply pay the amount that is due.

To use your account again:

You must first pay the reimbursement fee.  After paying the fee your account suspension will automatically be removed.  If you need further assistance, please contact Customer Service directly.

If we suspend your account for reimbursement issues, and you still don’t pay us, we send your account to a collections service.