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Reminder: You must comply with all applicable federal laws when selling weapons or any other product on KoopoOnline.com. You must also comply with state and local laws applicable to the jurisdiction into which your products are sold. For example, many state laws place requirements on size, color, and markings of imitation weapons. You are responsible for obtaining any required licenses for permitted products and are liable for any penalties resulting from non-compliance.


 Note: Certain jurisdictions may restrict the export, import or sale of these products. Some weapons are considered “defense” items and are regulated by the U.S. Department of State under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (“ITAR”). All items governed by the ITAR require a license, a license exemption, or other approval from the U.S. Department of State in order to “export” (22 C.F.R. § 120.1 defines export to include releases to “foreign persons” inside or outside the United States, or to “US persons” located at APO/FPO addresses outside of the United States). Non-compliance with the ITAR can result in civil penalties as high as $500,000 per violation, criminal penalties up to $1,000,000 in fines, 10 years imprisonment per violation, and/or a bar from conducting business with U.S. companies.


Weapons products considered “dual-use” (i.e., have both a defense and commercial purpose) may be regulated by the U.S. Department of Commerce under the Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”). An export license or other approval from the U.S. Department of Commerce may be required. Non-compliance with the EAR can result in civil penalties as high as $250,000 per violation or twice the amount of the transaction that is the basis of the violation, criminal penalties up to $1,000,000 in fines, 20 years imprisonment per violation, and/or loss of export privileges.

Permitted Item Examples

  • Ammunition that is lead and gunpowder free such as:
    • BB, air, pellet, and airsoft ammunition
    • Paintball gun paint pellets
  • Ammunition components
  • Plastic non-explosive training aids
  • Certain gun parts and accessories, such as:
    • Butt plates
    • Holsters, with the exception of wallet gun holsters
    • Laser sights
    • Magazines loaders, except for those that can accommodate the following calibers: .223/5.56; 7.62×51; 308; 7.62×39; 5.45×39
    • Grips designed for handguns
    • Reloading kits and equipment
    • Scopes
    • Fixed stocks, with the exception of thumbhole stocks
    • Trigger guards
    • Single picatinny or weaver rails
    • Two point and traditional slings
  • Certain other items, such as:
    • Handcuffs (Note: These are subject to geographic sales restrictions.)
    • Night vision accessories
    • Pepper spray (Note: These are subject to geographic sales restrictions and are not eligible for sale through FBA.)
    • Slingshots, with the exception of wrist brace type slingshots
    • Spearguns for spearfishing
    • Tactical pen, koga, and slaphat
    • Knives: typical hunting or kitchen knives, such as:
    • Hunting knives
    • Kitchen knives
    • Replica swords
    • Machetes
    • Throwing spears and knives (Note: These items are not eligible for sale through FBA.)
  • Replicas of firearms that were manufactured in or before 1898, if the replica is not capable of firing fixed ammunition
  • Non-powdered weapons such as BB guns, pellet guns, paintball guns, and air rifles that are clearly marketed to be air or spring driven and identify the type of ammunition that the product discharges (Note: These are subject to geographic sales restrictions.)
  • Slingshots, including wrist-brace slingshots (Note: These are subject to geographic sales restrictions.)
  • Suppressors or silencers that are permanently affixed to and integral to the barrel of airsoft, air gun, and paintball guns. (Note: These are subject to geographic sales restrictions.)
  • Stun guns or Tasers (Note: These are subject to geographic sales restrictions.)
  • Airsoft guns (Note: These are subject to geographic sales restrictions.)
  • Toy guns (Note: These are subject to geographic sales restrictions.)
  • Plastic toy hand grenades

Prohibited Listings

  • Ammunition components, such as:
    • Black powder
    • Blanks
    • Bullets
    • Bullet tips
    • Casings
    • Gun powder
    • Primers
    • Shotgun Shells
  • Assault weapon parts or accessories or products marketed as assault weapon parts or accessories, including reference to various assault weapon models
  • Body armor and vests designed for the insertion of body armor or body armor plates
  • Certain martial arts items, such as:
    • Brass, plastic, or metal knuckles, including spiked keychains and rings or any product held over one’s knuckles that could be used to strike someone
    • Leaded cane/staff/crutch/stick
    • Nunchaku (also known as num chucks or chuka sticks)
    • Sandclubs, sandbags, or slungshots (also known as saps or blackjacks)
    • Throwing stars (also known as surikens)
    • Tonfas
    • Kunsari-fundo (also known as manrikis)
  • Clubs and blunt force striking instruments, such as:
    • Billy, billy clubs, and police batons
    • Escrima sticks
    • Rattan canes (when designed or intended as a striking weapon)
    • Bo staffs and jo staffs
    • Truncheons, nightsticks, and batons
    • Sjamboks
    • Weighted clubs
    • Blackjacks
    • Bludgeons
  • Electronic guns, such as:
    • Dart guns
  • Explosives, such as:
    • Fireworks
    • Flares, flare launchers, flare guns, flare gun receivers
    • Grenades, such as:
      • Military practice grenades
      • Rifle grenades
      • Smoke grenades
      • Metal replica grenades
      • Grenade launchers
      • Mines
      • Projectile and concussive products that employ gunpowder or explosives
    • Firearms, such as:
      • Antique and collectible guns
      • Assault weapons
      • Automatic weapons (such as machine guns)
      • Muzzleloaders and black powder guns
      • Rifles, shotguns, and pistols
      • Sport and hunting guns
      • Starter guns
      • Zip guns
    • Gun parts and accessories, even when designed or marketed for use with paintball or airsoft guns, such as:
      • Assault weapon conversion kits
      • Assault weapon grips, forend grips, front grips, and foregrips,
      • Assault weapon and AR-specific tools, such as:
        • Vise blocks
        • AR-15/M16 armorer’s wrenches or combo wrenches
        • Bullet button tools
      • Auto sears, such as:
        • Full auto sears (also known as drop-in auto sear or DIAS)
        • AR-15 auto sears
        • Auto sear IIs
      • Barrels, barrel shrouds, barrel extenders, heat guards, hand guards, and vent cooling slots
      • Battery assist levers
      • Bayonet mounts or lugsand any device for attaching a bayonet to a firearm
      • Camouflaging gun containers
      • Charging handles, latches, and assemblies
      • Chokes and choke tubes
      • Detachable carry handles and assault rifle carry handles
      • Ejection port, ejection port covers, and dust covers
      • Frames
      • Gas blocks, gas tubes, and gas pistons
      • Certain grips and grip accessories, such as:
        • Pistol grips designed for attachment to an assault weapon, rifle, or shotgun
        • Folding, vertical, and tactical grips
        • Angled foregrips and ambidextrous foregrips
        • Grip pods, funnels, and extensions
        • Hand stops
      • Kits that can be used to create gun magazines
      • Machine gun conversion kits and any part or combination of parts for converting a firearm into an automatic weapon
      • Magazines and related items, such as:
        • Magazine components or extensions
        • Magazine cinches, couplers, connectors, dual mag holders, and dual mag clamps
        • Magazine loaders that can accommodate the following calibers: .223/5.56; 7.62×51; 308; 7.62×39; 5.45×39
      • Multi-rail systems, including quad rails and rail covers, free-floating and drop-in handguards
      • Muzzle brakes (also known as muzzle tamers)
      • Pistol stabilizing braces
      • Recoil compensators
      • Receivers, including lower and upper receivers
      • Receiver extensions and pins
      • Revolving cylinder for a shotgun
      • Selector levers, detents, and switches
      • Single point, 3-point, tactical, and quick detach slings
      • Sling plates and end plates
      • Slide fire stock and weapons kits, such as:
        • Bump firing devices, stocks, and kits
      • Solvent trap oil filter adapters
      • Any non-fixed stock, including telescoping, folding or collapsible stocks
      • Silencers or suppressors, including:
        • Flash suppressors
        • Sound suppressors
        • Suppressors marketed or intended for airsoft, air guns, or paintball guns
        • Fake, mock, or faux silencers or suppressors
      • Takedown pins, pivot pins, cam pins, and roll pins
      • Threaded barrel adapters
      • Thumbhole stocks
      • Trigger activators, such as:
        • Multi-burst trigger activators
        • Trigger attachments
        • Devices that facilitate so-called “bump firing”
      • All internal/moving gun parts, such as:
        • Bolt catch releases, assemblies, actuators, and battery assist levers
        • Bolt carriers, bolt pins, and buffer pins
        • Buffer tubes and related parts and extension tubes
        • Firing pins, springs, and stops
        • Trigger, trigger assemblies, or fire control groups
        • Upgrade parts and replacement parts
        • Anti-walk pins
      • Wallet guns, including wallet gun holsters
    • Knives, other than the above permitted knives, such as:
      • Automatic knives
      • Balisong knives
      • Claws, such as:
        • Karambit knives
      • Concealed swords, including:
        • Cane-swords
        • Swordsticks
      • Knives disguised to look like harmless items, such as:
        • Air gauge knives
        • Belt buckle knives
        • Lipstick case knives
        • Writing pen knives
      • Knuckle knives, including:
        • Fixed or folding blade knives with split knuckle duster handles
      • Pilum ballistic knives
      • Push daggers, including:
        • Punch daggers
        • Punch knives
        • Push dirks
        • T-handled knives
      • Shobi-zue
      • “Slasher” knives or other devices used in cockfighting
      • Stiletto knives
      • Switchblade knives, such as:
        • Butterfly knives
        • Gravity or gravity-assisted knives
        • Spring-loaded knives
      • Throwing stars, including:
        • Batman symbols
        • Cyclone knives
        • Kung Fu stars
        • Metal throwing stars
        • Ninja stars
        • Shirken
        • Throwing cards
      • Parts or combination of parts designed or intended to convert a firearm into an assault weapon
      • Replicas of firearms that were manufactured after 1898 and/or are capable of firing fixed ammunition
      • Weapons designed to be concealed
      • Weapons or other items intended solely for law enforcement or military use

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