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Tech Stuff: How to Enable Random Sorting for WordPress Post REST API Calls?

I was working on a project working with the WordPress REST API and I tried to sort the post sort the post by random order using the orderby=rand parameter and it did not work. Needless to say I was slightly disappointed that this didn’t wok right out the box. So of course the next step is to go through the documentation because I must be doing wrong, right? Wrong! 

Where There’s a Will There’s Probably a WordPress Filter That Will Help

This functionality does not come prebuilt into the WordPress REST API. But don’t worry with just a few lines of code this can easily be fixed.  We just need to use the rest_{$this->post_type}_collection_params filter to include rand as an a query parameter for our REST API endpoint.   

This filter is used  inside the WP_REST_Posts_Controller class, as part of the get_collection_params method. The {$this->post_type} filter part is interchangeable with other post types (i.e., pages, attachments, custom post ypes, etc.).

Once we add the code blow to our theme’s functions.php file or create a custom plugin we can get posts via the REST API enpoint and set the order to random like this :

function add_rand_orderby_rest_api( $query_params ) {    
     $query_params['orderby']['enum'][] = 'rand';    
     return $query_params;
add_filter( 'rest_post_collection_params', 'add_rand_orderby_rest_api' );

And there you have.  Random sorting for your WordPress REST API.

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Will DOGE Coin Reach $1?

First, my disclaimer! I am not an investment advisor nor am I giving investment advice.  Now that’s out of the way.  The answer, I believe is yes.  I going to say that within 90 days this baby will hit $1.  Currently, it is at bouncing around $0.36 per coin.  I remember a few weeks ago when it was bouncing around $0.05.  I missed out then but not this time.  I’m not an expert by any measure but so far it turns out that in the last year the safest investment I’ve made was in DOGE coin.  
With power players like Elon Musk and now Mark Cuban betting big on DOGE coin who am I to argue.  So, like most I’m jumping in and will continue to stock pile.  Do I think that this coin will reach the same heights as Bitcoin or Ethereum? Not likely, but it does stand to reason that it will climb to heights that beyond what was thought at the outset of its creation.
So good luck out  there my fellow DOGE coin holders.  And oh yeah, TOO THE MOON!

W28yrpddx9f61 on Koopo
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Protect Your Website (Brute Force Attacks)

So, yeah!  I noticed that my site was going down periodically here and there so I decided to check my server logs and what did I find?  I noticed a lot of 403 Errors (“Forbidden”) to “POST /wp-login.php” and “POST /xmlrpc.php”.  What the heck does this mean?  Well, it’s pretty much a brute force password attack.  Essentially, some hacker out there is making multiple attempts to log into the website by login with a username usually “admin” and random passwords until they get access.  Yes, it is really bad if a hacker gets admin access to your site.  

What Can You Do?

First things first, if your using WordPress get a security plugin ASAP.  Try Wordfence, iThemes, or Securi.  These plugins are free but do offer a premium version for more advance/aggressive security.  I recommend going premium because security is important.  Typically, what these plugins do to protect you from brute force login attempts is simply lockout users and/or ip addresses that make too many failed login attempts.  

Is That Good Enough?

So, after I got a security plugin I felt good.  I was able to see in real time security updates of users and ip addresses being blocked.  But, was that good enough?  Not really.  I noticed that when checking my server access logs I found the above entries which did not look like simple login attempts.  In fact, it appeared that the attacker was trying to modify the files wp-login.php and xmlrpc.php which would be a disaster.  Essentially, in this scenario they can add malicious code to your login file that send all user login information to them so they access all user information.  What can do about this attack? Well, the answer can be the same.  Depending on the security plugin you use, some specifically have protocols to protect your site even from this attack.  I also utilized this method.

Server Side Protection

I went one step further by implementing some of these protection on the hosting server side.  Depending on what type of hosting your using VPS or dedicated you may have to some extra features available to you.  I my situation I was using Plesk dedicated server  which has a built-in firewall and Ip blocker.  I simply set those up for an extra layer of protection just in case those WordPress plugins failed for any reason.  

Ip Ban/Filter

If you using Plesk server here’s how to add an extra layer of security.  

  1.  Go to Ip Address Banning Settings and select Jails;
  2. Select manage filters and click “add filter”;
  3. name the filter and add the following in the Content box and click Ok:

    failregex = ^.*] “POST /xmlrpc\.php.*
                       ^.*] “POST /wp-login\.php.*  
    ignoreregex = 

  4. Now click “add jail” title the jail and select the new filter you just created;
  5. Select the actions that apply (i.e, send email, iptables=multiport-Ban via iptables firewall on multiports;
  6. log path (file path for logs);
  7. Set IP address ban period  in seconds  and 
  8. Set maximum login attempts.

That’s it and good luck on your efforts in protecting your website.

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Life Feels Like….Too Much Television!

Remember when “Art” used to imitate “Life” Some of my most fond memories are waking up either really early in the morning or keeping my eyes open far too late in order to get a glimpse of the world that was full of adventures! Everything from Ghosts and Poltergeists to Beavis and Butt-Head all the way to Skin-e-max. There was never a shortage of Interesting characters or wild scenarios to keep my attention just long enough to stop me from annoying my sisters or my parents for that matter. Sometimes I would even get so lost in something that I was watching that I would actually find myself breaking “into character” and shouting off famous one liners from movies just to get a laugh or to make one of my siblings crack a smile. “Clean your room!” My mom would say, and what was my response “All-righty-Then!” with as much enthusiasm and Vibrancy that I saw Jim Carrey do it. I was imitating what I saw, because I knew it would make someone laugh.

Movies and books always had a way of making me completely forget about my current reality and would immerse me into different worlds where I was able to experience things in a way that almost seemed magical “Movie-Magic” I guess. I still look forward to new and exciting releases that are coming out trying to get the Magic back. Lately life hasn’t seemed too much different from the movies that I’m used to seeing. It’s wild, how much it feels like I’m actually living inside of some kind of Trippy Sci-Fi show that should be on television but it’s real life.

The year 2020 really took us from one reality and launched us full force into a world that literally is stranger than fiction. You couldn’t make up most of the events that are taking place on a daily basis, and it leads part of me to ask the question “Is this really happening?” Or “Am I seeing/hearing this right?” What is going on? So many things that were speculation have been confirmed. So many Legends, have been found to contain many truths and the reality that we once had is methodically being switched out for something else. Not in the way that would create Panic or Hysteria, but if you were to wake up in Society as it is currently you wouldn’t be wrong to think that something happened, or is happening or is about to happen.

One thing that is constant in this reality is “change”. Nothing ever stays the same, not even for a moment. This is why a book or a movie can capture a feeling or a moment in time and make you remember or imagine a world much different from the one we actually experience. Has life changed so much that we have not taken notice? Are we actually living in some kind of movie? Well there definitely seems to be a script, because I’ve seen enough tv to know when things are taking a turn for the worse or when someone used the time machine and what I’m saying is, it’s about to get good! Usually I would put some kind of a list together kind of detailing exactly what it is I am talking about but if you’re reading this that means you’ve made it this far and I’ll just let your mind fill in the little pockets for themselves. Have you ever experienced a day that just felt off? Have you ever experienced Deja Vu, or a Glitch in the Matrix? Have you ever lived a moment more than once? Have you ever had what you would call an “Aha!” Moment? Have you seen aliens? After speaking with my Psychiatrist about a few of these subjects it now has been brought to my attention that all the previously mentioned phenomena have been not only confirmed but supported and backed by my Dr.! Yup! I’m not crazy apparently many of the things that I struggle with on a consistent basis are not only real but have been for quite some time.

So I really am living in a movie, that just never stops playing. Even when I’m asleep, my character just isn’t In that particular scene but the movie is still going. Then I have to wake up and figure out what happened while I was asleep. There is an ever changing cast of characters and scenarios and there is never any way for me to actually know what an episode has in stored. This is funny. Haven’t blogged in a while, been watching too much television is what it feels like. Maybe I should sign out of my Netflix for the first time in a few years, feel like someone’s been binge watching ME a little bit.

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Interesting Events Online That You Probably Never Heard of on Koopo Top Picks!


No one can deny that the pandemic has escalated the explosion in e-commerce. We also cannot ignore the fact that with social distancing and other COVID-19 preventive measures put in place, there has been a bit of a dark cloud over many of the activities in 2020.  Enter, “Online Events”! The jury is still out on whether virtual engagements will ever “completely” take the place of those late night company after parties in Las Vegas, but for now, online hangouts will have to be our crazy new best friend at school/work who keeps us laughing with her up and down attitude and glitchy behavior. 

So Many Choices. So Little Time

There are so many ways to spend your time outside of the constant zoom meetings. And we are all dealing with an overall crabby population (rightfully so) and the pressures of an unknown future. In light of progress, we have been busy curating interesting things to do that can educate you today while giving you something to think about for tomorrow. 

Careerera Project Management Online Learning On on Koopo
Careerera is one of the leading provider of Higher Education Professional Certification Training, Test Preparation, K -12 Education, Language Training and other skill training for Adults and kids in the field of IT, Management, Software Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance and many more.

Now Thru – TBD

“DIA at Home”: School Field Trips from Home

“The DIA Education Staff has a number of learning resources available for educators, parents and students, many of which don’t require a visit to the museum. From an exercise where our armor collection inspires fantasy writing to “artful adjectives,” lesson plans ………..”

Detroit Institute of Arts, Michigan

Skylight Bookstore Katie Orphan Read Me Los Angeles With Liska Jacobs on Koopo
Thru November 30, 2020

Skylight Books Virtual Events

From book readings to new releases, join Skylight Books through the end of 2020 as they bring the best indie book love with their selection of virtual online events! Click the “Learn More” link below to check out their complete calendar.

Los Angeles

United States Patent & Trademark Office Kids Programs On on Koopo
Thru December 2020

United States Patent & Trademark Office Events Calendar 2020

“The continued demand for patents and trademarks underscores the ingenuity of American inventors and entrepreneurs…….” – USPTO

United States

Edinburgh Scotland United Kingdom on Koopo
October 12-15, 2020

Ted Talks Countdown Summit in October 2021

The Countdown Summit will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, at the Edinburgh International Conference Center, which has hosted several TEDGlobal and TEDSummit events in the past. The conference center boasts enough space and flexibility for exhibits, simulcast lounges, networking spaces and beyond.

United Kingdom

Koopo Marketplace on Koopo
Koopo Top Picks!!

More Events

Share your jobs, events, business, services and products on Koopo!

Koopo is a leading online marketplace connector, driving community trends in fashion, beauty, home décor, tech, small business and lifestyle! Contribute at the square to our growing community collection of exclusive white papers, market reports, blogs, articles, videos and beyond. Find Koopo on the corner at the main intersection of Facebook and Amazon, across the street from Google and Medium.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Holiday Sales

National Farmers Day came and went this week with little attention this year amongst the COVID-19 crisis. Although they have not received much fanfare in the news we are thankful for your contributions in keeping the world fed! Happy #nationalfarmersday

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Start Something New!

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5 Online Fulfillment Platforms For Small Business

In “Important Things To Consider Before, During and After A Pandemic”, we discussed some important planning considerations for governments and companies such as protecting frontline workers, hazard pay, infrastructure updates, etc.  This next article is the promised followup to touch on the supply chain and determine how small businesses can keep moving forward, for now and into the foreseeable future considering all things go well.

Pandemic Distribution Networks

I’m sure that you have heard alot about the supply chain (not enough) and the great strides that have been made amongst operators across the United States to keep everyone well fed and relatively happy. Many people have found excellent ways of not only staying busy, but also thriving in this environment. For example, farms have been creating produce boxes to sell directly from their own websites and other small business directories to divert some of their excess product from wholesale accounts like restaurants who have had to close or work in modified conditions. At Koopo we have been doing our part and connecting with various businesses to see how they are doing and what they need. Surprisingly for many businesses we spoke with, they were backlogged. From food to service providers, small businesses are still doing business (obviously some were faring better than others). The problem that companies complained about was fulfilling their orders. With the increase in purchases, producers are having a difficult time making the goods much less getting them out fast.

Devon Divine GTE4Uy3 HP8 Unsplash on Koopo
Photography: Devine Divine

Why Does This Matter To You?

Those chips you love? They are probably produced in another town and at least some of the ingredients in the bag are possibly from another country. There are multiple steps to get all that deliciousness into your mouth! So just because a product is in demand means nothing for a business or the community if they cannot produce and fulfill their orders. At its essence, fulfillment involves either a business producing and delivering goods themselves or hiring centers (like Amazon) to stock their inventory and then ship it out to the client when a purchase is made. 

Todd Gardner FjbB1vQ PUs Unsplash on Koopo
Photography: Todd Gardener

So what can retailers do to manage fluctuating sales, shifting delivery schedules all while re-envisioning their merchandising plans and changing product demands? 

Many recognizable companies have created small business fulfillment programs based on heavy investment in “real property” including trucks, robotics, a.i. programs and other crucial infrastructure helping to outsource logistics, warehousing, and shipping services for smaller operations. 

Businesses experiencing increases in e-commerce sales and who may be looking for a new delivery program, check out the below top five *fulfillment programs developed to save costs, enhance operational efficiencies and leave producers open to do what they do best, create!  

*While there are many logistics companies out there, I chose these companies because they have a dedicated program in-place for B2C sales, large retail footprint (greater supplier access points) and a strong distribution network. I am not receiving compensation or support to recommend these programs. 

1. UPS® eFulfillment

Learn More

“Today, UPS is customer first, people led, innovation driven. It’s powered by more than 495,000 employees connecting more than 220 nations and territories across roads, rails, air, and ocean. Tomorrow, UPS will continue to lead the industry and connect the world, with a commitment to quality service and environmental sustainability” –

2. Target Fulfillment

Learn More

Max Bender BolAA1pvGO8 Unsplash on Koopo
Photography: Max Bender

Target is not one of the traditional fulfillment services on this list. There are several reasons I have included them, most importantly the serious investment in infrastructure. In 2017 Target purchased Shipt to expand it’s same day delivery options; In June 2020 they rolled out a fresh grocery curbside program; and they have patents pending for new fulfillment processes. The Target employee diversity initiative called “All Together Target” seeks to work with vendors and contractors that are owned by minorities or women. Target has consistently supported indy brands by curating product selections from favorites like Lip Bar, SheaMoisture and Magnolia Hearth & Hand

Through its subsidiary Shipt, Target also offers delivery service at more than 1,500 stores in 48 states where orders can be home-delivered within hours. 


Shop Smart Produce Local on Koopo

30 250 265 Bmc Mercatus May 2020 Mini Scorecard on Koopo

“The total number of online grocery orders increased 18% on a month-over-month basis from 62.5 million in April to 73.5 million in May. This increase was driven by expanded capacity associated with retailers who reopened their services and others who added more time slots to better meet the surge in demand for these essential shopping services”.


3. Fulfillment by Amazon

Learn More

Bryan Angelo FtiXADBTqGY Unsplash on Koopo

“Amazon calls its warehouses fulfillment centers because the entire process is fulfilled from start to finish – inventory comes in from manufacturers and is shipped out directly to customers. They are able to innovate thanks to more than 250,000 full-time associates behind their global network of fulfillment centers. Amazon has more than 175 operating fulfillment centers and more than 150 million square feet of space where associates pick, pack, and ship customer orders to the tune of millions of items per year” – Amazon

4. Walmart Fulfillment

Learn More

Walmart Store Interior On Koopo on Koopo

“At Walmart, our eCommerce success is powered by state-of-the-art supply chain capabilities, and now select Marketplace sellers can benefit from our expertise to grow their businesses. With Walmart Fulfillment Services, you can focus on sales while we expertly take care of fast shipping, seamless returns, and customer service. Simply send your inventory to Walmart fulfillment centers, where we will store your products securely and prepare them swiftly for shipping when an order is placed.

Each week, nearly 265 million customers and members visit more than 11,200 stores under 55 banners in 27 countries and eCommerce websites. Walmart employs over 2.2 million associates worldwide”


According to Finance Online “…a look at the following stats to understand this booming industry–the warehousing and storage industry in the US is currently estimated to be a $22 billion sector and employs more than 600,000 people. Also, the order fulfillment business adds $9 billion and another 60,000 employees. There are more than 10,000 US companies involved in the warehousing, storage, and order fulfillment industries”.  

Boxed Water Is Better 7H1hDt694s8 Unsplash on Koopo

5. Fedex Fulfillment

Learn More

Fed Ex Small Business on Koopo

When you’re in control of your sales channels, inventory and shipments, you have the power to grow. See your existing marketplace integrations all in one place with the FedEx Fulfillment platform. With the ability to view your orders and manipulate inventory at any time from your desktop computer or your mobile device, you remain informed and in control of your business. Simplify day-to-day inventory management and tracking. The platform gives you visibility to your key metrics and current status of orders all in one place.

Final Thoughts (For Now)

With continuous fluctuations in the market and many cities shaking out the details of their emergency preparedness plans on-the-go one thing has been made clear, it’s time to secure your own process of receiving/delivering essential goods such as food, water, agricultural products, trade goods and other raw materials.

Other Business Thoughts & Ideas

Alvaro Serrano Kr8XPYuSI8 Unsplash on Koopo
Photography: Alvaro Serrano
  1. Commercial Real Estate Ownership: REITS, Landlords, Malls, Farmers Markets and Retailers should consider coming together to create emergency fulfillment and distribution opportunities for their centers, working across states, with government and the local community to temporarily convert select retail locations into supply chain warehouses fulfillment centers for e-commerce marketplaces.  Properties like malls, for example, typically have the infrastructure such as shipping/receiving, parking, etc. As discussed in the article above, warehouse space, even non-traditional, can be useful during a pandemic. 
  2. Restaurants & Food Vendors:  People are still eating out!  A person may not be able to purchase the latest designer handbag, but a meal prepared by someone else is a luxury as old as time. Be as inventive as you can. Team up with farms, producers and the local communities to identify potential opportunities for growth. For example, partner community groups, including neighborhood associations, with food trucks to throw block parties where local booze and food comes to you; Market dining opportunities on every platform you can, especially free directories. For your business, any good news is great news! 
  3. Service Providers: Skilled labor, caregivers, home repairs, tech support, developers, fitness and other like jobs are not going anywhere anytime soon.  Make sure that you are maximizing your online business visibility by letting people know how to contact you for projects.  Creating “How-To” content, offering online classes including mental health is a great way to stand out when you have a craft and the perfect way to pass the time during a shutdown that requires you to shelter-in-place. 
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Risk Management Is More Than Avoiding Losses

This blog is a risk management perspective on the article written by Meehan Crist regarding the negative effects of climate change on the environment and the world.


The article starts with a scene of catastrophe after Hurricane Sandy. It then takes the reader on a journey to Manhattan where the aftermath of Sandy has left the entire city of New York and surrounding cities along the coastline in a state of mayhem. From the author’s perspective and description of the aftermath, it creates a visual that the reader can relate to.

The author then introduces the reader to how melting glaciers and ice sheets due to climate change are causing this and other unnatural disasters. The “Paris Agreement” for climate change is mentioned, but the timing and severity of ice melting were stable, so no experts had not predicted this type of melting.  The article also points out that the melting occurred only two years since the Paris Agreement was drafted, and now there is much concern as to why the ice sheets are melting do fast.

The topic of climate change has been a long-time debate and now the world is seeing the effects it can have on modern society. Cities around the world are in jeopardy for example major hubs like Miami and New York that are directly located at ocean seaboards. This article explains how high emissions produced by human consumption is causing the rising of seas levels. The author has traveled to the world to see the effects of climate change and has even met with past presidents to explain his findings.

The effects and the current rate of melting of ice sheets has led the author to believe that the very cities along coastal lines will be underwater in a hundred years. This is an astounding fact and is proven by past events and science. However, the means of responding to the past events will not work for the present as major hubs like New York and Miami are built fast and will not sustain these occurrences as they happen. The economic impact of these cities being swept away is also discussed. The number of people living in these areas are almost 150 million and would cause a devastating blow to the economy larger than the Great Recession.

Rawpixel 656711 Unsplash on Koopo

  Risk Management Techniques

From a Risk Management prospective this is something of high concern. With large concentrations of homes and business in these coastlines cities there is often a need for individuals to insure their property. The problem with this is that insurance companies do not provide insurance to a large group of homes or businesses in an area that is known to flood.

This is a loss exposure technique that insurance providers use to protect themselves from paying out large amounts that are highly likely to occur. This is a prevention method and does not really provide an economic relief for those living in the areas of concern. This semester I learned a lot on this topic. Insurance is only one way to prevent loss and usually insurance only covers hazard risks.

One-way large corporations with substantial revenue mitigate these losses is by becoming self-insured. This allows for the organization to employ their own department staffed with professionals. Self-insurance allows for these organizations to provide insurance to other organizations and collect premiums just like any other insurance provider. They must also by law purchase excess insurance to cover larger loss exposures.

Individuals in these areas will be far more impacted by these rising sea levels and could use a risk-control technique used by professionals known as avoidance. Avoidance is the only one hundred percent effective control. This could be not purchasing or operating in areas that are more than five miles from any coastal area. This is another technique that could protect the loss property.

Finite Risk Insurance Plans allow for the organizations that operate in these high-risk zones to share a portion of their profits to the insurer if a loss does occur. The policy limits are usually ten million with a guarantee that the insurer will share seven million of the organizations profits until the money is paid back.

Businesses in the areas can also have what is known as a “pool.” This is cost-effective and each member pays into the plan a premium every month and when a loss occurs the money is taken from the pool. This would not likely work if a large catastrophe occurred in a certain area where all the members of the pool operate.

Blog 3 Feature Image (1165 X 665) on Koopo

From a risk professional standard an organization should take steps to reduce emissions to help reduce climate change. This can be done through every ethical standpoint that an organization can take to implement standards to reduce waste and suggest regulations that an organizations top manager must adopt. One thing that I learned this semester is that a Risk professional can suggest and use technology to suggest ways to reduce losses and the top management must be on board to make these changes happen.

Any suggestion made is also performed using data mining and developing a prediction model based on past events and the goals the organization has in place. If I were able to make the suggestions, I would encourage businesses to adopt a socially responsible policy. This would be backed by the data that shows that these glaciers are melting due to high emissions being created by the very businesses that are operating in these areas. From the automakers standpoint I could easily show that by developing electric cars and reducing emissions in gas powered cars that it is economically better for everyone involved. If the company can save money on covering loss exposures by practicing “greener” production this will save the economy in the long run.

If actions are taken to slow global warming, then our natural environment has time to reproduce the minerals and natural resources that are used to make these automobiles and the gases that power them. Another way of allowing the organizations to reduce risk is using alternative renewable energy at their plant. I could suggest that a plant that often operates twenty-four hours a day use solar or wind power. These may seem like small steps, but every organization can do something to reduce the effects of climate change. The practices can be adopted throughout the larger organizations supply chains to make an even larger impact on the environment.

Another important thing to know as a Risk Manager is that every business activity must be within the rule of law. In this case, if a business knows that its vehicles or operations are releasing larger amounts of emissions the Risk Manager must report or get the business to comply to federal standards. Failure to do so may cost the company more money in fines, damage to their reputation, and other legal costs. A Risk Managers job is to promote life safety. This can be the employees that work at these buildings and visitors. If an employee were hurt because of an occurrence while at work than the organization would be liable for the exposure.

Finally, to support these changes I would conduct a “Business Impact Analysis” which identifies and assesses the risks of not following these socially responsible actions. If a company operates in these areas and does not understand the implications that their actions have on their business viability, the environment, as well as local communities, they will encounter unnecessary hardships of which they may not survive when a crisis occurs.  By not heeding the warnings of scientists and experts alike, a catastrophe, like the source article, is bound to happen. Yes, a business may be able to finance their risks at first, but families and individuals effected by a crisis may not, which will eventually affect the quality of life for all parties involved. Responsible organizations have an obligation to themselves and to the communities that they serve to do their part in contributing to the success of emergency preparedness planning including, but not limited to, climate change.


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Three Simple Ways To Improve Your Health and Mood

Three Simple Ways To Improve Overall Health and Mood

By: Brandin Lyle

Everywhere you look, there’s always a new diet craze going around with the intentions of inspiring you and I to become the very best “physical” versions of ourselves. Keto For example pronounced (key-tow) is meant to keep the body in a state that allows for optimal energy and fat burning results. However, to get your body into that “optimal” state is no easy task and can sometimes be very taxing on our bodies. What if you’re the type of person who enjoys having a healthy lifestyle without taking things too far? What if there were just a few simple things you could do to improve your health and wellness, without feeling overwhelmed, would you do it?

I’m going to share with you 3 simple things that you can do to improve your overall energy levels, and simply help you feel better.


It seems like this one should go without saying, but YES! Drinking water is definitely one of the best things you can do to improve your overall health. Water is an amazing element and has many benefits. Our bodies are mostly made up of “water” so the more often we allow ourselves to ingest it, the better we will feel. Water helps us to remain hydrated, although there are other beverages out there who claim to do such things, water is your number one player in the hydration game. Flushing toxins from the body and replenishing bodily fluids, such as the fluid which surrounds our brain (Cerebrospinal Fluid) not taking in enough water can have devastating effects of our health. Some symptoms of dehydration include; drowsiness, inability to focus, irritability, itchy eyes, chapped lips, dry skin, constipation and many more. You will hear many suggestions in regard to this subject, but my personal recommendation would be to drink at least 4-10  glasses of water each day. By doing this not only will you help yourself have more energy but it will improve your overall state of well being.

Get More Sleep

Most people believe it or not with all of the advancements in technology are still not getting enough zzz’s throughout the night. Maybe it’s all the binge watching, but not getting enough sleep can have devastating long lasting effects on our health. When we are asleep our bodies are in a state of “repair” so to speak. All of the chemicals that our body has used through the day must be replenished during the time we are sleeping. During this time the digestive system slows to a halt, allowing for the body to send valuable blood to other parts of the body, such as the brain and endocrine system which helps flush out the waste from these processes. Since our body is in a state of “fasting” our other bodily functions are operational at a much higher rate than they ever are during our waking state. Think of it like putting your phone on the charger. Without a full night sleep it’s like trying to get through an entire day, with 30% of a charge.  Experts say it’s good to get between 6-8 hours of sleep each night to be at our best, and to maintainability higher levels of concentration. So as cool as it looks to brag about staying up late, it looks much better on you to get your beauty sleep.

Go Outside

The Sun is one of the most efficient ways to get Vitamin D into your body. This micronutrient is beneficial for bone health and also strengthens the immune system, and with so many pathogens out there it’s wise to spend some time with our closest “Star”. The rays from the sun are also helpful in decalcifying our Pineal Gland, which helps elevate consciousness and raise the mood. Studies have shown that early morning sunshine has much more benefits than any other time of day, so the earlier you get some fresh air the better. Also taking the time to observe the Sun, can have immensely calming effects over our minds. Have you ever noticed how you can’t help but marvel at the beauty of a sunset? Well for those few precious moments, It can be a challenge to be consumed by anything other than awe for the present moment. So grab those shades and get a tan!

So there you have it, three things you can do right now to improve your health and mood. Try them out, and let me know of any changes that you see in yourself from day to day. Also if you have any questions I’m regard to fitness and nutrition or Heath and wellness send them my way and I’ll be happy share my thoughts.

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Online Marketplaces: Keeping The Community Connected During COVID & Beyond

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By now we have all heard of e-commerce and the importance of omni-channel retailing. According to an online marketplace “is an e-commerce site where third-party companies can sell their products or services to consumers”. Transactions are typically processed through the website owner. Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and other well known online platforms with e-commerce applications have historically been good places to conduct business for independent enterprises seeking to expand their distribution network. Amazon has dominated due in part to their warehousing and fulfillment efforts making it simple for sellers to maximize delivery time and offer a higher level of customer satisfaction.  Facebook made it easy to sell just about anything “classified style” on their app without having to manage a storefront, set-up delivery or even create a business presence online. With the shifting supply chain and borders closures, market producers are looking for more ways to get the word out about their products and services locally without breaking the bank in high cost advertising.


So outside of social media marketing using sites like Instagram, Youtube or Twitter and e-commerce specialty platforms Etsy, eBay and Shopify, what can small businesses, service providers and others do who are seeking to easily drive more traffic to their company and expand their online presence?  

Here is where the “community marketplace” comes into play. Smaller than their counterparts, but in many ways superior at putting you first and getting you in front of qualified buyers.  Driving traffic is what they do and many of them are great at it! One of the answers is “Online Marketplaces”. According to Sellbrite, online marketplaces are websites where multiple merchants can market and sell goods to consumers. Online marketplace operators typically charge the seller a listing fee or take a commission on each sale”. Let’s dig into our top 5 picks for community platforms making waves in 2020 and beyond.

1. We Buy Black: A Little Bit Of Everything

We Buy Black on Koopo
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According to their site, you can find Black owned businesses who make exceptional products. Businesses can register to sell their products to a diverse, open, and international market. was created by Howard University Alumnus Shareef Abdul-Malik in 2015:  “I was inspired by a common motif heard among all great black leaders, we need to do for self and allow the world the opportunity to buy directly from the Black community.” The site was launched for public purchases on June 19th 2015, which marked the 150th anniversary of Juneteenth.

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2. OpenBay: Automotive Services Automotive Service App on Koopo

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Openbay is a online marketplace for consumer automotive repair services making it easy and convenient for vehicle owners to find, book and pay for automotive repair and maintenance services. Openbay offers a wide range of services delivered by car dealerships, national automotive service chains, independent shops, and mobile mechanics.

“The genesis of Openbay arose from a personal event after the founder and CEO, Rob, brought his car to a service center for a simple wheel alignment, an inexpensive service – it should have been less than $200. After sipping a coffee and munching on a few treats, the service advisor came to Rob with a 12-page estimate of repairs they believed needed to be done on his car before they could perform the wheel alignment. It amounted to $4,000. That night, Rob went home and searched online for one site where he could find local, trustworthy mechanics, that would provide high quality service at a fair price. But he couldn’t find anything. That was the genesis of Openbay – an online marketplace that allowed customers to compare quotes, read customer reviews, and book service with repair shops that provide high-quality service in their neighborhoods” –

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3.Newegg: Technology

Newegg Technology Online Marketplace on Koopo

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Newegg Inc. is the leading tech-focused e-retailer in North America, with a global reach in Europe, South America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Founded in 2001, the company offers its tens of millions of registered users a comprehensive selection of the latest consumer electronics, entertainment, smart home and gaming products. Newegg is headquartered in City of Industry, California, with North American distribution facilities located throughout the United States and Canada.

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4.Cratejoy: Subscription Boxes

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Wholesaling is a great way to supplement retail sales and create a new stream of income for your business. While subscriptions models wouldn’t necessarily be considered “wholesale”, it is another way to sell your products in bulk, exposing consumers to a broader selection of your goods and services. And here is where a platform like Cratejoy comes into play.  To best explain what they do, here is an excerpt from their website describing their mission and purpose. “We want to make subscriptions accessible in a way that they never have been before. Sure, that means that we have to build an unbelievable technology platform. But that also means that we need to bring enlightenment to the world at large. A subscription business owner makes their money by preventing customers from leaving. What’s the only way to prevent customers from leaving? Improving customer experience. The subscription business model itself produces better customer experiences”. 

Cratejoy has become the world’s first Marketplace dedicated to subscription boxes. 

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5. Koopo Online: Directory

Koopo Marketplace on Koopo

Koopo Online was created to be more than just a place to sell things online.  We are a positive place to produce, build and share bringing attention to the needs of our community and finding ways to better connect people.  Whether you are shopping, conducting business or creating content on Koopo, just know that we support you!

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